H+J=LOVE: diver style!

my 1st attempt to do a wedding theme deco for my friend’s sister and it turned out fabulous and romantic.They loved it a lot!


h+j    377398_10151100511563314_1489947468_nIMG_5932(l)IMG_5900(l)224440_10151100510578314_1441262197_nIMG_5916(l)IMG_5914(l)IMG_5907(l) IMG_5909a(l0IMG_5902(l)   IMG_5911(l)  IMG_5952(l)  IMG_5963(l)IMG_5983(l0  IMG_5971(l) love  6237_10151100512038314_627771372_n 224440_10151100510578314_1441262197_n  431590_10151100510398314_818651325_n IMG_5893(l)   cakeIMG_5903(l) IMG_5940(l)


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