Isabel’s kedai runcit

One of the themes which I like a lot, I really appreciated Irene to accept this uniquely Malaysian theme for her daughter Isabel’s 1st birthday. Enjoy the photos!

1IMG_6391(l)_DSC0026 _DSC0062_DSC9722IMG_6400(l)IMG_6406(l) IMG_6394 _DSC9725   IMG_6398(l) IMG_6399(l) _DSC0042IMG_6401(l) 32405_10151192487789037_101090392_nIMG_6402(l) IMG_6404(l) IMG_6405(l)  IMG_6406(l) IMG_6408(l)IMG_6407(l)IMG_6410(l) IMG_6411(l)432205_10151192488149037_325620578_n


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