What about a pink & grey dragon boat theme?

Su and Lee have been dragon boating since 2006, training every weekend, and they go for regular competitions both in Malaysia and overseas. So it is very much a part of their lifestyle. Naturally we picked dragon boat as the theme and the pattern of the boat as the main design element. Love the end result very much, and what a sweet and matching couple! And they really have a husband and wife look where in Chinese we called it “夫妻相” Congratulations on your new life together! 🙂

IMG_2350(l)IMG_2369(l)IMG_2346(l) IMG_2394(l)IMG_2347(l)IMG_2341(l)IMG_2333(l)IMG_2332(l)IMG_2415(l) IMG_2418(l)bIMG_2329(l)IMG_2354(l)IMG_2375(l)IMG_2448(l) IMG_2430(l)



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