Tropical paradise

A very colorful wedding filled with giant paper flowers, edible flowers, tropical fruits and birds. check out more on how we helped this fun couple on their important day. thanks again for letting us be part of it and we wish it was a great start to your beautiful life together.
dIMG_6597(l)d1IMG_6631(l)cIMG_6442(l)cIMG_6438(l)cIMG_6450(l) cIMG_6448(l)cIMG_6485(l)cIMG_6473(l)acIMG_6427(l)    aIMG_6422(l)bIMG_6579(l)bIMG_6570(l)fIMG_6466(l)fIMG_6502(l)fIMG_6552(l)b1IMG_6590(l)bIMG_6566(l)bIMG_6573(l)hIMG_6550(l) hIMG_6610(l) IMG_6503(l) IMG_6510(l) IMG_6563(l) IMG_6724(l)


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