Royal princess first birthday celebration

Princess parties have been done in many ways, hope you all will like the way we style it. Super love the end result too!

We’d like to give a special thank you to LiBing for the continued support.

aIMG_0839(l)( bIMG_0825(l) bIMG_0846(l) bIMG_0864(l) cimg_0820 cIMG_0828(l) cIMG_0963(l) IMG_0796(l) IMG_0809(l) IMG_0812(l) IMG_0815(l) IMG_0818(l) IMG_0824(l) IMG_0826(l) IMG_0827(l) IMG_0827a(l) IMG_0831(l) IMG_0832(l) img_0833 img_0834 img_0835 IMG_0842(l) IMG_0843(l) IMG_0855(l) IMG_0860(l) IMG_0863(l) IMG_0866(l) IMG_0869(l) IMG_0873(l) IMG_0908   IMG_0944 IMG_0966 IMG_0974(l)



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